6 Ways To Increase or Double Your Freelancing Income

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In this fast world, earning money becomes one of the easiest ways for modern people. With the rapid advancement in technology, freelancing becomes a global trend. With the ease of doing work right from your home, and being your own boss and increase your freelancing income, the majority of people get attracted to freelancing. Being a freelancer is a great way to do the work at your own place without taking any job pressure.

But at the same time, it’s essential to keep in mind that freelancing isn’t a straight path towards success. Instead, it’s a curvy road where you need to seek out the clients always to continue your earning.

However, it’s a lucrative option to earn money right sitting at your home, but one cannot ignore the inconsistencies involved being a freelancer. The earnings aren’t constant, and you need to put a lot of effort to find good contracts. For many freelancers, getting a deal seems as hard as getting a job in the real world. Even after putting your maximum efforts, the majority of the time, you lack in earning the right amount.

And, you wonder, how the top-rated freelancers manage to produce maximum incomes? Is that for real? If so, then why can’t you? So here, this article will highlight all those strategies that will help you double your freelancing income easily.

But before going in-depth, let me tell you about my journey. Freelancing was never easy for me. I started my freelancing career as a web developer. It was just like a TOM & Jerry show where I always need to chase clients, put efforts, and give extra revisions. But after all, I managed to become a good TOM 🤣 and overcome my weaknesses through the strategies I’m going to tell in this article. I became a Top-Rated seller on Fiverr.com and then I started my own company called Devmont Digital and began my journey towards success.

Ways To Increase Your Freelancing Income

1) Focus On Your Business

The majority of people still consider freelancing as a job. And the majority of the time, you treat your clients as your boss, which never makes you feel like a business. And here the famous idiom, fits the most, “Out of the Frying Pan Into The Fire”. You must know that freelancing is a virtual business where you are the head of all the departments. From planning a marketing strategy to mission statements, you need to do all the work on your own. Majority freelancers who fail to generate maximum income, are those who never focus on their businesses.

The fundamental rule of the business is “people buy what they see.” No matter how excellent vocabulary you use, but in the end, the presentation of your work in the form of the samples, defines your business. The successful freelancers always work on increasing their visibility to maximize their freelance incomes.

The top ways to increase visibility includes:

  • Focusing On the Right Keywords: Keywords matters a lot in freelancing platforms. You need to focus on the right keywords to make your gig appear on the first page. You can see the competitors’ gig to get an idea of how to create a first-page gig.
  • Learn Marketing Skills: The marketing skills are essential for any freelancer to double the incomes. You cannot depend on a single client. You need to learn to market skills to make the best marketing strategy.
  • Build Portfolio: Portfolio helps you to showcase your work samples and helps you to give an overview of your past work.
  • Create Website: The website is the most neglected part amongst freelancers. You must need to create a website and produce quality content to attain attention from the clients.

2. Time Management

This is an essential aspect of maximizing your freelancing income. Being a freelancer, you need to manage the deadlines, maintain balance in work and personal life, and need to be constant towards your goals. The top tips you need to adopt for managing time includes:

  • Have strict schedules and plan ahead
  • Discuss deadlines before finalizing any deal with the client to work accordingly.
  • Divide the clock into four parts, pitching time, working time, personal life, and sleeping time.

3. Save More & Spend Less

Wait, what are you kidding me? How could this maximize my earning? This is probably what you will be thinking right now. But trust me, this is the primary goal of your freelancing journey. You must need to soak away enough money that you can cover your monthly expenses.

Do as much as you need to do, to stop living paycheck to paycheck, and can build emergency funds for your business.

4. Pay Yourself A Salary

Based on the last month, pay yourself a salary. Or if you had a stable earning, then based on the recent history set a wage of the worst month you experienced in the past. Once you stop living on paycheck to paycheck, you need to recalibrate your personal budget.

I know it hurts to pay yourself the worst salary even when you are your own boss. Isn’t it frustrating to treat yourself as an employee 😱 don’t take it wrong, but none of us can get handsome salaries for ourselves till we have:

  • Business emergency fund
  • Monthly gross revenue
  • Personal emergency fund

Therefore, slash spending, and as you know, fat is not suitable for your health too, so be lean and have some pasta.

5. Focus On Giving Quality

In business, there is a collective term “happy client/customer is a free marketer” and I experienced this, as being a top-rated seller, I focused on giving quality due to which I got many new clients through an old client’s preference. Therefore, you need to ensure that you provide quality to your clients. Meanwhile, improving your work skills and delivering projects on time will help you to maximize your earning. Even the majority of the clients give bonuses or appreciation awards for the best quality.

6. Focus On Social Media

Social media is where your clients hang out. By making a strong social media profile, you can get good clients, which eventually boosts your freelancing income. You need to build a LinkedIn profile, Instagram, and Facebook page, as per the services you provide. This will boost your visibility, increase clients, and ultimately double your income.

Follow the Expert strategy.

Once you establish yourself as a competent and reliable freelancer, then you need to raise your per-hour rates. You need to invest money a bit in the advertisements to be on the top.

Get a subcontractor for the extra work and be everywhere to enhance your freelancing income. As the majority of the time, it happens that you stop looking for work, as you get stuck with so many clients who are already giving you sufficient money. So at that point, you just need to grab other works and give them to the local freelancers and cut your commissions. This is how you manage to increase your monthly budget.

However, you need to be everywhere, including social media platforms, websites, freelancing platforms, marketing platforms, to approach clients efficiently.

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